developments that

fit your needs

Our well equipped team of programmers and electronic engineers will make your idea a reality in the best quality and the best price in the market


Our experienced team can take your idea and propose you the best value for money desighn always following your guidelines


After we conclude and you are satisfied with the desighn then we prepare the costruction of a prototype pcb board for testing


We can provide you all the necessary drawings & specifications so you can decide your own production method or we can handle your production in the most competitive cost

1. Desighn

2. Construction

3. Production

Helping you find the right solutions.

Our main goal is to provide cost effective complete solutions with the best possible quality.

After many new developments mostly for the marine industry we manage to have a lot of experience in following specifications so if we are requested to be able to provide various certificates and pass official tests




Solutions with a shared vision.

Design : We use sophisticated cad software and electronic development simulators in order to demonstrate to our clients their idea so they can visualize the final product and/or make the necessary changes.  




Construction : We will create a prototype PCB to send to the client and for us in order to test in real conditions the functionality of the product and improve if necessary.





Production : If the client is satisfied with the result we can proceed in mass production or we can submit all drawings and programs so that the client can proceed in his own way.

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